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HD Flat Panel TVs

Get the latest and hottest TVs at the best prices.

HD Projectors

When you want that larger than life picture and still have the clarity and sharpness of the best TVs a front projector is defiantly the way to go.

Blu-Ray DVD Players

For the ultimate in picture and sound and to experience true HD 1080p you have to have a Blu-Ray DVD player.

Speakers (Indoor and Outdoor)

We offer a wide verity of speaker types and styles and are authorized dealers of brands such as Atlantic Technology, Polk Audio just to name a few.

A/V Receivers

The AV receiver is the central part of your Surround Sound system. There are many important features to consider. Talk to us and we will help you decide witch one is best for you.

Custom Programmed Universal Remotes

Tired of all of those remotes? Don’t know what button to push on what remote to get your system up and running? We can do it all for you with one remote and the touch of one button.

Audio Video Furniture and Mounts

You have the gear now you need somewhere to put it. WE have a wide verity of AV stands and furniture that will suite your taste and decor.

Multi Room (Distributed) A/V Systems

A multi room audio system is one of our most popular sellers. These systems typically consist of several Key-pad controllers in different areas of your house (or business) that controls the sound locally in that area. While someone in another area can listen to whatever he or she wants. You can listen to and control things like your iPod, Sirius XM satellite radio, FM, CD or stream music form the net.

CCTV & Web Cams

If you need to keep an eye on things we can install a surveillance system that will record and play back on your computer or phone from anywhere in the world.

Intercom Systems

Tired of screaming up the stairs or down the hall? Why not install a simple intercom system and make life easy?

Automated Lighting

You can control when your lights come on or off with automated timers and schedules. Set the level of brightness and different scenes. This is both a safe and energy efficient way of controlling the lighting in your house.

Satellite Radio

Want uninterrupted commercial free music in any genera? Then you need a satellite radio.

iPod Custom Integration

To really make you iPod come to life we can connect it to your surround sound system or multi room audio system and give you an easy way to control it.

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I just had my home theater installed by the most professional and knowledgeable person in the business, Frank Placa. He has turned my family room into the most popular room in our home. I highly recommend him and his company, Amagia AV for your home theater.

– Ron B. - Denville, NJ read more testimonials